Subhranil (Neil) Dhar

Subhranil (Neil) Dhar is a talented animation artist, living in Kolkata, India, who creates wondrous and mesmerizing digital art works. His collections are known for their flowing and surreal expressions of life and nature. Each animation art piece is a stand alone work that communicates wonderment and awe. His extraordinary digital creations are now being showcased as NFT art (non fungible tokens) where they are minted to the blockchain and can be purchased by collectors.

Neil began his art journey as a small child, living on a tea garden plantation in rural West Bengal, where his father helped manage the operation. Neil would draw and create many characters (which his mother has still saved), including some from the American cartoons that he so loved. He learned how to fold and design paper toys for himself as a child and soon began attracting other playmates to do the same. By his preteen and teen years, Neil was winning local competitions in drawing and sculpture.

As a young man, he moved to the city of Calcutta (now Kolkata) and attended Calcutta University where he received his Bachelor's degree in Commerce in 2004. During this time, he also began to pursue work experience in the creative media arts industry. In the ensuing years, he worked as an animator, team leader, and then a project manager at several animation houses where he participated in a number of noteworthy animation projects. One of his last management roles had him working as a Project manager for three divisions: Design and Illustration, Game development (Unity) and 3D Designand Animation at Walnut Games.

In 2015, Neil decided to freelance and develop his own animation studio. Creative Sky Studios was born soon after. and Neil began to produce a new level of amazing animations including 3D and 2D ToonBoom style classic cartoons and games. He developed new skills and new software expertise in this period, as he began to expand his artistic style further. In 2019, Neil and his team created an amazing panorama of animated classic masterpiece art, which was played during summer performancesof the Cincinnati (USA) symphony orchestra. Neil and Creative Sky Studios continues to serve clients from around the globe with animation art, graphic design, website and game development, and much more.

In 2021, as the pandemic was shaking the world, Neil discovered the NFT world. After fighting through COVID himself, he began utilizing his art skills in conjunction with AI tools and a variety of creative software programs in which he had a developed expertise. The end result is an amazing series of NFT collections, including Fantasy World, Save the Water, Crystal Sea,Masterpieces Reimagined, and more.


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